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Created 28-Aug-12
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Hailing from Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is a compelling songwriter with a gift for weaving melody and words. Her talent is perfectly complemented by the magnificent arrangements of her band The Red Clay Halo, whose rootsy ensemble playing underpins Barker’s agile vocal blend of strength and fragility.
Emily Barker SingsEmily Barker, Classy Lady.Anna Jenkins at SFFEmily Barker At SFFRed Clay Halo at SFFEmily Barker PeddlingEmily Barker And The Red Clay Halo In HarmonyGill Sandell Looking CoolJo Silverton At SFFAnna Jenkins From Stage RightGill Sandell Makes It Look EasyJo Silverton In The SpotlightGill Sandell At SFF 1Gill Sandell At SFF 2Gill Sandell At SFF 3Jo Silverton, CelloEmily Barker And Jo SilvertonGill Sandell On AccordianA Pause In The ProcedingsEmily Barker and Gill Sandell

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