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NYE Bongos Bingo 2023Erasured 30th December 2023Princess Party Sat 23rd Dec 2023Rob Lamberti as George Michael 21st Dec 2023Bongo's Bingo 16th Dec 2023Bongo's Xmas Bingo 9th Dec 2023Massaoke 1st December 2023Vicky Jackson As Pink Sat 25th Nov 2023Maet Live 11th Nov 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 28th Oct 2023Fleeting Rumours 27th Oct 2023Emo Fest 21st Oct 2023Little Fix Sat 14th Oct 202380s LIVE featuring The DURAN DURAN Experience 7th Oct 2023Taylor Swift Party Fri 6th Oct 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 30th Sept 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 16th Sept 2023Big 90s Revival 9th Sept 2023Marley and UB40 Night Sat 2nd Sept 2023RnB + Beyonce 26th August 2023The Ronaldos 12th August 2023Abba Terrace Party 15th July 2023Gordon Hendricks is ELVIS Sat 17th June 2023Superskas 10th June 2023ELO Again Fri 9th June 2023Massaoke Sat 3rd June 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 27th May 2023Vicky Jackson as Pink Fri 26th May 2023Dan Hadfield as Gary Barlow Sat 20th May 2023The Dolly Show 13th May 2023Meet Live 6th May 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 8th April 2023Masquerade Sat 25th March 2023Total Stone Roses and Oaysis 1st April 2023Jean Genie Sat 25th March 2023Erasured Fri 24th March 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 11th Mar 2023Rob Lamberti Sat 25th Feb 2023Whitesnake UK Sat 18th Feb 2023Cloudbusting Fri 17th Feb 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 11th Feb 2023Martin Kemp 80's DJ Set 4th Feb 2023Bongos Bingo Sat 28th Jan 2023Roxy Magic 21st January 2023